This 2017 release is inspired by the warm-hearted city of Montréal. In addition to me on
Guitar, there some of the most superb jazz musicians in Canada today: vocalist Jeri
Brown, trumpeter Charles Ellison, pianist Josh Rager, bassist Sage Reynolds and
drummer Jim Doxas. The project grew from my experience as a Fulbright Fellow in
Montréal in 2015. During that time, I wrote most of the music here, based on the sights,
sounds and people of the city. A few of the tunes were written in other places, such as
Durham, NC and the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda.


Insight at Midnight

This was my second recording, released in 2009. Drummer Thomas Taylor propels
the band, with John Brown and Damon Brown splitting bass duties. Jon Metzger’s
soulful vibes work adds a compelling sophistication, and Ed Paolantonio’s piano
swings hard. Brian Horton and Brian Miller breathe incendiary saxophone into two
tunes while Ira Wiggins and Robert Trowers lead the way on another. Flutist Kofi
Burbridge is striking on one of the record’s eight Tymas originals, and there is one
original solo guitar piece: the heartfelt “Insignificant Other.”

Blues for the Tribe

My debut project includes Stephen Riley, Nate Smith, Damon Brown, John
Brown, Mitch Butler, James “Saxsmo” Gates, Carl Lester El, II, Ed Paolantonio,
Thomas Taylor and Jody Boyd. There is one multi-tracked tune: “Dimples,” a
samba for acoustic guitar and shekere. The other nine tracks, four of which are
originals, explore hard bop, latin jazz, polymeter and extended form. The
recordings come out of several short sessions—in Richmond, Virginia and at NC
Central University.

3 CD Omnibus Compilation

All tracks from Montréal, Insight at Midnight and Blues for the Tribe


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